What Is Clairvoyance And How To Develop It To Become Clairvoyant

Have you ever thought of becoming a clairvoyant? Or ever thought of consulting them to predict your future and guide you? Now, for you to take help from them is not required, because clairvoyance is the ability which you can develop very easily if you can spend sometime everyday.

clairvoyanceWhat is Clairvoyance?

Is Clairvoyance Possible?

Like any other psychic ability, everyone is born with clairvoyance gift. Everyone has the potential to be clairvoyant, even those who limit themselves.

Many people, if they can recall their childhood, find that they were more imaginative and clairvoyant at that time. They might even have an imaginary friend to talk to and might even seen strange things happening around them. But as they grow up, they forget all these things and may even their clairvoyance abilities are suppressed.

If you do not had these experiences in your childhood, it does not mean that you do not have this ability. Not everyone could remember their childhood activities and not all persons will have those experiences.

According to occult teachings, the Universe is made up of a few planes which exists in different dimensions. These planes include physical plane, astral plane, spiritual plane and many other planes. Our physical senses can perceive only physical plane but our psychic senses can even access other planes. You can achieve this ability by developing your spiritual senses.

So, Clairvoyance seems to be more popular among persons who work or develop their psychic or spiritual energies.

Types Of Clairvoyance Seeing

Basically, there are two types of seeing. Some clairvoyants see things with their inner or mind’s eye and others see with their physical eyes. It is very rare to see with their physical eyes but perceiving through mind’s eye is a common thing. Physical seeing is sometimes quite physical. It’s very difficult for them to distinguish between real and unreal.

Other physical seeing include seeing shadows and light. This too somewhat common all around the world. These shadows and light are not stationery but like flashes, appears and disappears in the blink of an eye.

How Clairvoyants Perceive Information

As we know, certain levels of mind exists behind the ordinary conscious level called subconscious level. It is in these levels, the power of clairvoyance has its point of existence. The Clairvoyants can receive information either in the form of visual images or symbolic images. Some claim to see events playing inside their mind’s eye.

The psychic usually sees a colors or symbols flashing inside their mind. It depends entirely on them on how to predict them. Each psychic have their own mental dictionary filled with different symbols and their meanings. The meanings may be different for each clairvoyant and prediction depends on the situation or the person around them.

Sometimes, the clairvoyant cannot able to predict the symbols. In order to interpret it correctly, they may use other psychic gifts like Clair-audience, etc.

How to Develop Clairvoyance

Many of us believe that success in developing our clairvoyance ability is only for the few lucky persons. But, it is much easier than you might think. It needs just your patience and practice. Follow the below tips to develop clairvoyance.

  • Mental Preparation

Before start practicing clairvoyance, ask yourself whether you are mentally prepared to claim these powers. Staying away from negative emotions and thoughts about clairvoyance is necessary in order to become clairvoyant. It is this negative energy that blocks your inner gifts.

Also, make sure to free yourself from other negativity in your daily life, such as negative people or any other negative energy surrounding you.

  • Meditation

You have heard many times that meditation is necessary for developing psychic abilities. Meditation is the first step to consider in your journey. It removes stress, clear your mind and release negative energies.

Chakra Meditation is the best way to open your Third-Eye which is responsible for clairvoyance. Working on your third-eye chakra will activate your clairvoyance abilities. It is located between the center of your eye brows.

  • Visualization

Practicing visualization is an another step that helps you to develop your psychic sight. The most common exercise to develop this ability is to visualize creating a rainbow in the sky.

Imagine in your mind, creating seven colors of a rainbow one by one. Start with color Red and then Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Place them all together until you see a rainbow. Repeat this technique in different ways like viewing it over ocean and so on.

You can also imagine your third eye between your eyebrows, and visualize the eyelid on your third eye, is opening up. If you cannot get it done initially, do not bother. It takes time to visualize perfectly. Once you are success in opening your third eye, you will feel a warm love.

As a beginner, you might just see a color, sense any emotion or may even hear some voice. You must listen to and trust your intuition. Initially, differentiating between actual message coming through intuition and your imagination is difficult. By continuous practice, one can find difference between them.

  • Use Crystals and Stones

You can enhance your third eye by using crystals and stimulate clairvoyance. Performing meditation while holding crystals will raise your vibrations and helps in developing your psychic vision.

Lapis lazuli are the powerful intense blue stones for opening the third eye and stimulating the pineal gland. Closing your eyes, place this crystal over your third eye chakra and see what images would come up.

  • Do Not be Hurry to Interpret

Do not judge and interpret the images immediately when you see. Just note down your experiences in the journal for future reference. Once this power is developed, you can also perceive information through psychic dreams.

  • Remove Blockages

Another most important thing to remember is to remove blockages. The main block that interferes someone developing this skill is fear.

Many people have this blockage due to some bad psychic experiences or fears imprinted during childhood. If so, remove these blockages with the help of some healing techniques available in plenty.

  • Affirmations

Sometimes, developing clairvoyance will be difficult if you have wrong beliefs. Practicing daily affirmations will help you in treating with those wrong beliefs and remove your blockages.

Final Words

Finally, once you feel like seeing images in your mind’s eye, you can practice yourself by doing some exercises. You can imagine some place nearby which you’ve never been in and try to get the inside picture of it.

Observe any symbols, patterns or colors you may get and then go to the actual place. Were you successful in any of your mind’s impressions? Do exercises like this and have fun developing your clairvoyance powers.

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