Psychic Dreams – Meaning | Types | How To Have Them

One of the most interesting and curios topics for many is interpretation of dreams, whether it is a psychic dream or a normal dream. Many people, whether they have heard about psychic or not, they are eager to know what their dreams mean.

You need to have a good knowledge on interpretation of the dreams to know the true meaning; otherwise you may end up with wrong interpretation which gives you unnecessary worry. So, if you really want to interpret your dreams, meeting a professional and referring a dream journal is recommended.

Everybody dreams but most of the dreams have no meaning and there is no need to worry about them. They are just random thoughts that come and go. But there are some dreams that give you a meaningful thought if you interpret them properly.

psychic dreamsWhat is a Psychic Dream?

You may have dreams that will give you a vision of your future or the actual present situation of someone who is emotionally attached to you or the occurrence of something somewhere in the world at the time of your dream. These dreams are called as Psychic Dreams where the person gains the information without his actual presence or access something that couldn’t be possible otherwise.

Many people claim that they do not have psychic gifts but their dreaming mind may actually open to psychic experiences where subconscious mind come in to play. We can actually develop having psychic dreams as we all born with these innate abilities.

While interpreting the psychic dreams, you must have utmost attention to predict it properly. Your dreams may not give you a clear message about the future or the present situation. Only after proper interpretation, you can have a clear message of what your dream want to say.

If you have a psychic dream, let say having a dream that you met an accident. But in real life, it may or may not be true. The accident may indicate you that you have made some mistakes in your real life and you are punishing yourself subconsciously. It may also an indication, warning you a real accident in future. So, it is important to interpret dreams properly.

Psychic dreams not only warn you but also let you know when you are in the right track.

Why Psychic Dreams Occur?

We all are born with some extent of psychic abilities. It is our stressful life that suppressed those abilities and we are unable to tap in to our subconscious mind properly.

Subconscious mind gives us information which guides us in a proper direction if we can able to get access to them. During our day-to-day activities, our conscious mind is more active and because of this we could not able to receive messages from our subconscious mind.

So, the only other time that the subconscious mind can send you messages is during your deep sleep. At that time, your conscious mind is shut and subconscious mind is more active. In the field of unconscious, we are all psychic beings. As said above, not all your dreams are psychic. Some may be just random thoughts and events of your daily life.

We all live in 3 dimensional world but psychic dreams gives you information by connecting with multi-dimensional spiritual world. Some people believe that it is the Spirit Guides or Angels that try to communicate with you during your sleep. Whatever may be the belief, the purpose of psychic dreams is to send powerful messages from the subconscious to the conscious.

Types of Psychic Dreams

There are various types of psychic dreams and we discuss some of them below.

  • Telepathic Dreams

Telepathic dreams or dream telepathy states that a person have the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while they are dreaming. If you dream about a person with an emotional connection and can transfer your thoughts, then you are having a telepathic dream.

Telepathic communication can also happen in conscious state but communicating telepathically in a dream state is what we are talking about now.

For example, you may have a dream communicating with your friend and the next day your friend confirms the dream and the communication you both had. Telepathic dreams may also occur between you and the angels, guides or even deceased ones

  • Clairvoyant Dreams

Clairvoyant dreams are the most common psychic dreams which give information about the present in real-time as if the person is actually present at that location. A clairvoyant person can able to access the information during the awaken state, but some people are more psychic during a dream state.

The best example of clairvoyant dream is someone having a dream of an earthquake hitting on some part of the country, and he finds it to be true on TV news when he woke up.

Clairvoyant dreams can give guidance to the dreamer on both the present situation and the future events.

  • Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive dreams are those dreams that predict our future. The dreamer actually experiences the events before it actually happens. These dreams can predict both good and bad situations of the future and can be pleasant or scary.

The only way to be certain if your dream is a precognitive dream is to wait and see if it comes true. They can take anything from days to weeks or months to years.

How to Have Psychic Dreams

We all possess psychic abilities to some extent and we will be having psychic dreams many times in our life. The problem is that we are unable to distinguish it from normal dreams. If you develop psychic abilities, having psychic dreams will become a usual thing.

 If you want to learn how to have psychic dreams and receive messages, the following tips must be considered. This also helps to interpret your dreams.

1. Set Intention

Every day before going to bed, ask and set your intention to receive psychic messages through psychic dreams. You may ask the Universe or Angels or Spiritual Guide or God, anyone according to your belief.

Initially, you may not receive any messages or you may receive but you do not remember any of your dreams. Be open to the fact that this is normal and the more you practice this every night, the more you will be closer to have your psychic dreams and receive guidance.

You can ask something like this – “I am open to receive guidance and messages from the higher self through psychic dreams for my particular problem for the highest good”. You can ask in your own words with an intention to receive guidance.

2. Keep Journal

Keeping a dream journal is the most important and wonderful tool when it comes to remembering and interpreting your dreams.

We all tend to forget dreams as soon as we get busy with our daily activities. So, writing a journal immediately after waking up is a good practice to remember those dreams.

Your dream gives messages in the form of symbols, shapes and some recurring patterns. So, keeping a journal will help you to evaluate these and notice any messages. You can use either a journal book or an online journal application to note your dreams.

You can read your dream journal every once in a while and note the recurring patterns which gives you some clues about your life. Without a journal, it is not easy to remember those patterns that occur very often.

3. Symbols and Patterns

Many times you observe symbols in your psychic dream that tries to give some messages to you. Generally, a symbol, color or pattern repeats itself if you have a psychic dream. As said above, keeping a journal will help you to recognize these repeated symbols and help you interpreting the dreams.

To unlock your dreams, it is necessary to pay attention to these repeated symbols and try to link them to your day to day experiences. After many days of writing your journal, you can read your past dream and can recollect whether it has come true or not. This way, you can know whether the dreams are psychic or not.

If you have trouble interpreting your dream symbols, do not worry. The more you practice and the more you are open by relating these symbols to your daily activities, the more it would become clear. Reading about psychic symbols is also a good thing to interpret your dreams.

4. Confirmation

Confirm whether your dreams are psychic or not by contacting a good psychic and discussing about it. The psychic can give you more suggestions to have a psychic dream and he or she is the one who can interpret properly.


By using the above methods for few weeks, you can come to know whether your dream is a psychic dream or just a normal dream. By analyzing your dreams in your journal with your real life, you will come to know better how to recognize your future psychic dreams. It is hard to analyze psychic dreams sometimes even to the experienced psychics. Journalism of your dreams will also improve your intuition and clairvoyant powers.

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