How To Develop Psychic Abilities – 12 Steps To Follow

Developing psychic abilities is the most appropriate way to say instead of saying “learning psychic abilities”, because we all already possess these powers since birth and they are still available in us more or less. In order to bring them up, we have to develop and harness those powers.

Those who have no knowledge about psychic abilities, think that these powers are only for few with gifted talents and cannot be developed by many. But remember, this is not true and every one of us can easily develop these powers if we know where to start.

The most popular psychic ability that was researched and still continuing is Extrasensory Perception (ESP). Many experiments were done to prove this ability and it is suspected that developing psychic abilities is very much possible.

developing psychic abilities

You can easily develop your psychic abilities if you follow few steps given below and continue on a daily basis.

Steps for Developing Psychic Abilities

  1. Acknowledge: The first and the foremost thing to develop any art is to acknowledge it. Say yourself that psychic abilities do exist and it can be developed. Repeat this daily as a mantra so that the idea will be impressed on your subconscious mind and it would become easy for you to develop psychic powers. Affirmations work in the same way.
  2. Meditate: Meditation is the key step in developing any psychic ability. Meditate every day for at least 10 minutes to relax your mind and raise your vibrations. Meditation allows you to connect to your higher self. If you are new to the meditation, start practicing it by doing for 2 minutes a day.
    The more you do meditation, the more your third eye chakra opens which is the foundation for your psychic powers.

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  3.  Spirit Guides: While doing meditation when you reach a relaxed state, try to connect with the spirit guides. Request them to show themselves and guide you in the process to develop your psychic skills.
  4. Notice Your Dreams: Most psychics get the information required for them in their dreams. So, to develop psychic abilities, it is essential to observe your dreams and notice what they are trying to tell you. You may receive some images or symbols that repeat themselves to reveal something. You may keep a dream journal so that you can remember your dreams.
  5. Be Aware of Surroundings: Do not delve into the past and the future. Be yourself in present and observe the things around you. Conscious observation is something like mindfulness meditation and will help you in increasing your psychic abilities. Use all your senses while doing this. You may also see some numbers or symbols repeating in your daily life which tries to give you some information.
  6. Practice Psychometry: Psychometry reading is the ability to read objects by just touching them. You have to place some object preferably a metal in your hand and simply touch it. Now close your eyes and see if you can feel any information or emotions. This is a great way to improve your abilities. This is best practiced if the object is related to someone you know.
  7. Spend Time in Nature: Spending some time in nature every day will clear your mind and help you in developing psychic abilities. Sounds of nature release your stress and help you in your psychic journey.
  8. Read Books and Website Articles: Read good books and related articles from trusted sources on website. This will give you a nice understanding of the subject and help you on the path to your psychic development.
  9. Give Readings: Practice giving readings to your trusted persons may be your friends or relatives. Practice makes one perfect. Do not worry if you get wrong results. The more you practice, the better you get. Tell the person on whom you are practicing, that you are on the way to develop psychic powers. So, it is necessary that the person must have willingness to help you in this regard. When you start reading someone, ask yourself in your mind something like – How is their health, financial situation, etc. Then, trust the first impression you get and confirm it with the person. In this way, you can develop your skill.
  10. Use This Power For a Good of All: Psychic abilities are meant to help others. Do not use this power either for personal gain or to harm others. Persons who use this ability for selfish purposes will tend to lose it gradually.
  11. Being Positive: Make a conscious effort to be in positive always. Avoid negativity at all means as it only blocks the way to the psychic development. You have to let go of your worries and stresses. Also try to avoid meeting and talking with the negative people in your life.
  12. Find Groups or Take a Course: Working in a group will help you in developing your abilities more efficiently and quickly. Find a group in your area and start practicing with like-minded persons. You can also opt for a psychic development course online which guides and shows you proper steps to develop your powers. Taking online course is a great way because you will get a continuous support and you can learn at your own time.


A psychic ability is a vast subject and it takes a lot of patience to develop them. It is suggested to practice only meditation for few months before developing psychic abilities. It is better to choose and develop one psychic ability at a time instead of trying a bunch of skills. When you get confidence with one skill then you can go for another. Remember that you must never lose your hope and patience if you wish to develop your God gifted powers.

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