We have tried our best to give you the knowledge and training in the psychic abilities with respect to psychokinesis like telekinesis in this website. Though you can practice by reading the articles on the website, we have found some great books on psychokinesis which helps you to develop your skills in a whole new level.

We have mentioned below some books on psychokinesis which are available online and recommend you to read them to develop your skills. Do check this page frequently, we might add more books if we find.

Important Books on Psychokinesis :

Here you will find some important telekinesis or psychokinesis books that a true lover of psychic abilities must have in his or her collection.  In each book, you can find an unique knowledge on psychokinesis.

psychic books God Like Powers & Abilities

 God Like Powers and Abilities are the abilities of the human spirit which are supposed to be impossible, but which really exist. The abilities and powers reviewed in this book include Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Teleportation, Creating your future, Prophecy, Omniscience, and much more. This book will help the reader understand what is the basis for these powers and exercises to learn how to do them.

Psychokinesis bookPsychokinesis The way of the Psion

Psychokinesis the way of the Psion explores the world of Psionic research. It gives the reader the opportunity to learn practical telekinesis techniques from an active researcher demonstrator and practitioner. This manual has been written to accommodate those new to this research field but also includes advanced techniques and research experiments. This manual is designed to give the reader the necessary information, philosophy, scientific methods and tools required to demonstrate to themselves the reality of Psychokinesis and psionics. This manual includes many categorized historical case studies as well as experiences documented in the authors own journal. Psychokinesis the way of the Psion has been designed as an interactive workbook and the reader is encouraged to include their results thoughts and ideas throughout. The Author has included examples throughout via currently available links to the Youtube education channel. “Psychokinesis Training Techniques” ShirakOmegaX’s Channel. These links are provided as an interactive companion and examples of the described techniques.

The Advanced Workbook for Spiritual & Psychic Development
Building on our Beginners Guide, this workbook looks at the more advanced subjects within spiritual & psychic development. In an easy step by step process you can venture into subjects such as: Deep meditation, energy work, 3rd eye chakra development, angels, psychokinesis, automatic writing, psychic art, manifestation, past lives, out of body experiences and trance medium-ship. We want to help you develop your own spiritual ethos and understanding, as well as you natural psychic skills in a safe and supported way. En-devouring to keep things as simple as possible we provide various theories and practical exercises and share top tips & some personal experiences of our own.

Moving Objects with Your Mind

An easy and fun way to influence your life and the world around you.
This handy e-book reveals the exciting possibilities of PK, just a few of which include preventing or reversing illness, promoting health and well-being, achieving your personal goals, and even slowing the aging process.
Psychokinesis is psychic empowerment in its most basic form. Called PK for short, this incredible practice involves moving or influencing physical objects or situations without any outside help or tools. We all have this ability, and this engaging guide is all you need to get started right away.
In a series of clear, easy-to-follow steps, Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Dr. Joe Slate guide you through the five stages of induced PK. Learn how to apply this ability for stress reduction, accident avoidance, pain elimination, and more.
—Sharpen your skills by performing simple and enjoyable exercises
—Discover the heightened effectiveness of group PK
—Engage in the author’s unique plans for rejuvenation and wellness
—Influence situations and objects in order to bring forth desired outcomes

Superhuman Training – A Guide to Unleashing Your Supernatural Powers

Have you ever dreamed of having supernatural powers? Incredible psychic abilities that would raise you from an average human, to the level of demi-god. This book is designed specifically for that purpose; to help you transform your current skills from those of human, to those of superhuman
• Learn the state of mind required for telekinesis
• Understand, feel, & become sensitive to energy
• Techniques for psi wheel & push/pull training
Electrokinesis, auras, DNA upgrades, & spiritual wisdom
• Knowledge of source field, the matrix, & the Force
Written by a respected psion with years of training and experience, this unique book will help you on your path to unlocking your inner mystical powers. This material is an essential key in understanding and accessing the extraordinary power that lies dormant within you, just waiting to be discovered.
Exploring telekinetic abilities and other psychic skills, Superhuman Training also covers more esoteric topics including spirit power, meditation, mantras, the subconscious mind, and other ancient occult secrets. This book goes much deeper than just the superficial aspects of training, and is a solid foundation and initiation into psychokinesis, the mysterious art of mind over matter.A new age is coming. An age of super-evolution. The question is . . . Do you wish to become one of the evolved? If so, this powerful book will serve you well.

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