How to Remote View

What is Remote Viewing? Remote Viewing (or “RV”) is the ability of seeing or describing the events which are at a far distance that are inaccessible by normal view. Remote viewers access the target details by using their extrasensory perception or by their intuition powers under controlled conditions. They giveContinue Reading

Parapsychology studies

What is Parapsychology? Parapsychology is the scientific study of exchanges between living organisms and their peripheral environment that seem to exceed the known physical laws of nature. Majority of scientists say that there are no such things like bending of spoons through thought, premonitions, ghosts, mind reading and other mysteriesContinue Reading

Psychic signs and symbols

Psychic signs and symbols are those which give information to the psychics during their reading. Not only psychics, but we too receive the guidance in our daily lives through these signs and symbols. We must try and develop to observe the indications that give information we required. Many times weContinue Reading