Psychic Meditation For Beginners | How To Start And End The Session

Psychic meditation is nothing much different from a normal meditation. The only difference is that in normal meditation, the purpose of the person is to obtain just a calm and stress less state of mind. Whereas, in psychic meditation, the intention of the person who meditates is to develop psychic abilities. Actually there is nothing different term like psychic power meditation.

Psychic Meditation for BeginnersEveryone of us are born with psychic abilities but they vary from person to person. These abilities can be enhanced by doing meditation everyday. For developing any of the psychic abilities, from simple ability like sixth sense to a complicated one like Levitation, meditation is the foundation. You can do psychic meditation either to become a psychic medium or for just developing your born gifts.

When we make our mind still and avoid chattering of everyday thoughts, then our minds can accept new suggestions and are receptive to psychic information. The frequency of brain waves will tell you the state of consciousness. When we meditate, our brain waves alter from Beta waves to a Theta waves or even a Delta state which is a deep sleeping state. Beta waves is a normal waking state whose frequency is from 14 to 30 cycles per second, and Theta waves frequency is from 4 to 5 cycles per second. The state at Theta brain waves is the one where we can develop our psychic abilities. As the duration of meditation increases, brain waves begin to slow down.

How To Do Psychic Meditation For Beginners:

Whether it is that you do meditation for psychic powers or just for attaining a spiritual development, following procedure can be performed.


  1. Choose Your Time and Place: Choose some particular time and space for doing your meditation practice everyday. It is a good practice if you meditate at the same time and in the same place. This helps your mind to program itself that it is the time to go to a meditative state when you choose same time and place.

You can sit on the floor or on a chair whichever is comfortable to you. Most people also suggest that can also be done while lying down. This is okay for doing a normal meditation if you just want to relax. But for psychic meditation, it is recommended to sit on a chair with your back supported and placing your palms on your lap facing upwards to receive psychic information.

2. Pay Attention To Your Breathing: Now, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathing plays an important role to slow down your mind and develop psychic skills. It is almost impossible to achieve psychic abilities in waking state. When you master the art of breathing, it helps you to slow down your brain waves frequency which is essential for psychic abilities. When your mind wanders, acknowledge it, let those thoughts float away and slowly come back to focus on breathing without forcing yourself.
You can also do Transcendental Meditation which involves concentrating on mantra and repeating it.

3. Be Open-Minded: Have open mind to learn or develop psychic skills. When you open your mind, you free yourself from unnecessary thoughts and your mind allows new ideas and thoughts. Being open minded is really tough sometimes and it takes time and patience.

4. Be Aware: Psychic abilities can come to you in many ways. You may feel a physical or emotional sensation or may come to you in words and images. As your psychic skill develops more, the more sensations you will be aware.

Initially, you may be scared of experiencing these sensations but there is no need to afraid. Do not try to predict these images or words. Continue with the process and as the time goes by, it will reveal themselves. You can ask the Universe or higher self for help to clarify. You may even keep a journal to note down your experiences for further study.

5. Patience: The most important thing you must have is patience and persistence. Impatient is the enemy for getting your psychic powers. It takes time to actually develop your skills. Once you feel achieving those powers, try to use them wisely and with utmost care and attention.

6. End of Meditation Session: Ending a psychic meditation is as important as starting a meditation. You must end it gently by slowly coming to the waking state. You can end by making little movements allowing each part of your body to reawaken in succession. After opening your eyes, sit at that position for a while before getting up. You need to give yourself some time to absorb the effects of the meditation practice.

Psychic Powers MeditationAnother way to do your meditation for psychic powers is with the help of crystals. They have energetic properties to heal our bodies and to strengthen our spiritual level. You can hold a crystal like Quartz in your hand, during your meditation session.There are many other crystals that you can use during meditation to help you developing psychic abilities.

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