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Psychometry is an ancient form of divination used by many psychics and mediums. It is a form of a clairvoyant phenomenon in which the clairvoyant makes a psychic link with the objects such as a ring, necklace, handkerchief or any other thing that is closely related with a person or a place.

What is Psychometry

Psychometry is defined as the ability of mind to sense and perceive the information or history of an object just by touching it with hands, and sometimes touching it to the forehead. The term “psychometry” was given by Joseph R. Buchanan in the year 1842. Psychometry, also known as psychoscopy, is originated from two Greek words, “Psyche” (spirit or soul) and “metron” (measure). In recent times, the term psychometry is replaced with “token-object reading” due to the confusion with the psychological subject of psychometrics.

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During psychometry reading, the psychic can be able to describe the characteristics, appearance, emotions or any other particulars of a person who is closely related to the material object. The psychometrist can receive the information in the form of images, sounds, smells and emotions. Some experienced psychics can even read the object by just being near to it without touching it.

Psychometry reading does not matter what the object is made of. Some people think that, a metal object would give information more easily than the object made up of cloth. There is nothing to do with the material but the object must be charged with person’s energy for a reading to be done. It is easy to read from the personal items that are worn by the person rather than the items just owned by the person but have no energy exchange.

For example, a psychic holding a watch owned by a person can tell the circumstances related to that person at the time of wearing that watch. He can also sense the feelings felt by the person at that time and can reveal more details such as health and even the death of the person. Though a psychic can have this ability, the accuracy of the readings like any other psychic abilities cannot be guaranteed.

Psychometry is most often and best known to be used as a tool in psychic detective work. It’s like analyzing a fingerprint in the investigation as an energetic fingerprint instead of a physical fingerprint.

Psychometry and Scrying

Psychometry is a form of scrying – a psychic way of seeing something that is not visible to an ordinary physical eye.

The difference between the psychometry and scrying is that psychometry accesses the information by sense of touch whereas scrying receives by crystal-gazing or by reading reflections on the surface of water.

Psychometry, unlike scrying, does not involve uttering or directing of questions or not even of thinking.

How Psychometry Works

Everything in this Universe is made up of energy. All matter consists of tiny atoms and molecules. At sub-atomic level, these molecules are essentially a connected tissue of vibrating fields of energy and exist as vibrations or waves. The energy that composes your body is same as the one that composes any other matter.

According to Buchanan, thoughts and events leave impressions on the objects or the ether and these can be read by a person with psychometric abilities. Thoughts and feelings too have energy, so everything we think and feel has a direct influence on everything around us. Our energies leave an invisible everlasting energetic impression on the objects we come in contact with. So, during psychometry reading, the person senses and reads the energy fields and vibrations that are charged into the objects due to actions and emotions in the past.

Arnold Crowther, an occultist, believed that psychometry is also connected with auras that are emitted by the human mind. These auras are collected on the surrounding objects and can be read by a psychometrist. Many psychics consider psychometry is related to Akashic record – an energetic record of all souls about their past, present and future lives.

Psychometry can also be compared with a stone tape theory – a theory suggests that emotions and thoughts in the past are stored in rocks and in other items and can be replayed under certain conditions. Psychometry is believed to work in the similar manner.

How to Develop Psychometry

Like any other psychic skill, psychometry too can be developed with patience and persistence.

  •  Wash your hands and dry them in order to wash off the energies.
  • Sit in a comfortable position and relax. It is better to do meditation before trying psychometry.
  • Rub your palms each other to feel the energy flowing.
  • Now close your eyes and ask someone may be your friend or a family member, to place an object in your hand especially a non-dominant hand. The object must be something that has a link and must be in possession with that person. It would be better if there are several people in the room and you do not know the person giving you an object.
  • Now close your hands and sense the object. How do you feel? Do you feel it warm, cold, happy, sad, love, hate or any other feelings? Initially, you may not feel anything. You can change your hands to touch the object and notice any feelings. You can even touch the object to your forehead or solar plexus if you feel so. Some psychics get the information easily when they touch it to their forehead.
  • Notice the colors, images, symbols or any emotions you get and tell them loudly without judging anything. You may feel the impressions you get are meaningless and silly, but they have some significance. Do not try to control and manipulate any impressions you get. Reveal them all to the person near you. The person must note all your readings.
  • After finishing your readings, analyze the impressions and confirm them with your friend. You may find some readings are accurate and some are not. Sometimes, you may not get a single correct reading. But do not get disappointed, instead practice more often and believe in yourself.
  • You can read the book How to Do Psychic Readings through Touch – by Ted Andrews. This is the most amazing and practical book for developing psychometry skills.

The errors in the reading may occur due to many reasons. It may be due to the assumption we might already associated with a particular object. For example, holding a ring makes us to think about the relationships or an idea of marriage. Another problem is the owner of the object may telepathically transmit the message which gives error. Also, interpretation of symbols or images during reading may go wrong when analyzed. It is a better idea to have some knowledge on psychic symbols which you may observe during psychometry reading.

Do not give up your practice and within few sessions, you may get most of the readings as accurate as possible. Even experienced psychometrists cannot give 100 percent accuracy.

Most psychics recommend washing your hands with cold water and salt after completing the reading to cleanse any negative energy that might have attached to the object you were holding.

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