People With Psychokinetic and Telekinetic Powers

Psychokinetic or Telekinetic people are those people who have the powers of psychokinesis. They are people with abilities of telekinesis or any other type of psychokinesis.

In the history of parapsychology, many people claim to have psychokinetic powers and also proved in many experiments done by research institutes. Though most of the experiments were in favor to the subjects performing this ability, many scientists and skeptics are not in the state of believing as these abilities contradicts the laws of physics.

Whether psychokinesis and telekinesis is real or not, many people believe that there are many things in this world which works but cannot be explained by the science. So, they believe that psychokinetic ability is also cannot be explained by the physics.

Psychokinetic PeopleSome notable people who claim to have Psychokinetic Powers:

  • Nina Kulagina : She is one of the most influential person from Russia, who found her psychic abilities during her daily activities and Poltergeist activity at her home. It was found that she could mentally see things in other people’s pockets, and when she met a sick people she could even predict the disease they are suffering from. There are other stories which say that when she was in angry mood at home, things like jugs were fell down from the cupboard and smashed. It is also reported that she moved many non-magnetic objects.

In order to create a psychokinetic effect, Nina had to meditate and relax her mind. And because of this, her powers were unable to demonstrate immediately and took hours of preparation. This made skeptics to point out that it does not favor the supervised demonstrations.

One of the strangest experiments involved her psychic ability to effect a raw egg floating on a tank of saline solution, two meters away from her. With her concentration, she separated the yolk from the white of the egg.

Nina told that when she tried to clear her mind and when her concentration was successful, she felt a strong pain in her spine and her eyesight blurred. It was reported by doctors that Nina’s heart was irregular, suffered from dizziness, limb pain, etc when she performed psychokinetic abilities.

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  • Uri Geller : Uri Geller is the another one with psychic abilities. He is Hungarian/Austrian who was born in Israel. Uri Geller astonished many audiences with his spoon bending abilities. He has given many live stage shows and demonstrated his abilities. Many people who watched his shows claimed that, after watching his shows, many things like spoons, knives, forks, keys were found bent in their homes.

But many scientists and skeptics still claim that Uri Geller’s telekinetic ability involves trickery and he can bend only his personal spoons he brought.
Uri Geller claims his telekinetic powers even now. In recent news, it was even claimed that he has bent an Apple iPhone 6 which is a slim built model.

  • Stanislawa Tomczyk : She is from Poland and was the subject of Dr. Julien Ochorowicz’s experiments in the early 20th century. She was regularly hypnotized by the doctor for therapeutic purposes and then under this state, she took on another personality with name “Little Stasia”.

She could move objects without touching them and could even stop the watches. Doctor concluded that movement of objects were performed by the rigid rays coming from her fingers. He even claimed that he felt a thin thread on his hands and face. He said the thread is like a spiders web which reconnects when it was cut with scissors.

Little Stasia was a mischievous personality who played many tricks on Stanislawa Tomczyk. She herself told that she was not the spirit of any dead person.

In 1910, when she was investigated in a physical laboratory, she produced remarkable results under strict conditions.

  • Eusapia Palladino : She was an Italian spiritualist physical medium who seemed to possess extra-ordinary powers in the field of levitation and talking with spirits. She used to levitate tables, dim the lights and even play the music instruments without touching. She was the most investigated physical medium in the history of psychical research.

Like many other psychokinetic persons, her ability was also put in doubt as many claim that she was caught in trickery.

These are only few of many persons in the history who claim to have psychokinetic or telekinetic abilities.

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