Cryokinesis – How to Get Ice Powers

Cryokinesis, also called ice powers, is derived from the word ‘Cryo” meaning “involving or producing cold, especially extreme cold”, and ‘kinesis” means “movement”.

What is Cryokinesis

Cryokinesis - How to get ice powers

Cryokinesis is defined as the ability of mind to manipulate or control the movement of molecules of a matter and create an ice. It involves in slowing down the atoms of matter to alter temperatures. Freezing occurs when the speed of the molecules slow down and their attractions cause them to arrange themselves into a fixed position as a solid. 

For any psychic ability to learn, you need preparation and training. Before starting actual cryokinesis training, let’s look into the preparation.

Preparation for Cryokinesis

  • In order to prepare for cryokinesis, your body must be properly conditioned first. The more your body is accustomed to cold conditions, the more easily you can perform cryokinesis.
  • To prepare your body, you must play with cold waters as much as you can. If you can find, you can play in snow. Playing in snow is an easy way to get tune in with cold. You must take cold showers for a few months before starting cryokinesis. While taking shower, visualize the water energy coming from it and flowing through your body. Learning hydrokinesis also helps you to learn this ability easily.
  • Another important thing is to meditate in cold weathers, get used to freezing cold and prepare your mind, body and soul.
  • The best way to recondition your body is by holding an ice in your hands. Start by holding an ice for a minute in your hands and try not to let go even if it hurts. (But, do not try to hurt yourself too much). Hold as much time as you can and then leave it. Practice this technique by starting for a minute and then for a few weeks or months until you can hold the ice till it melts in your hands.
  • You must practice the above technique with both your hands. When you practiced enough and properly conditioned your body, you can withstand the cold temperatures in winter and you do not feel to cover yourself. Even, you can bring the temperature down in summer and you feel comfortable.
  • And finally, you must believe in yourself and believe that cryokinesis is a real phenomena.

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Once you prepared your body for cold conditions, follow the techniques below to get ice powers:

Cryokinesis Techniques

    1. Meditation

      Find a cold place and start doing meditation for about 10-15 minutes. Visualize ice surrounding your body at freezing temperatures and that your body cooling down from the cold flowing throughout your body. Then imagine that the coldness is flowing internally throughout your body as you feel more cold.

    2. Technique 1

      Take a bowl of water and place your finger inside it. Now feel the temperature of water around your fingers. Now feel the energy throughout your body and send it to the tip of your finger. Do not try to force the water to freeze. Take sometime to feel the energy around your finger. Once you are connected with the energy, send more energy to immobile molecules around your finger. Close your eyes and visualize all the molecules around your finger getting freeze slowly. When you succeed, you will find all the water around your finger got frozen. Many people have succeeded this technique when practiced properly.

    3. Technique 2

      Stand in your room in a comfortable position and feel the temperature around you. This technique is to cool your room to a few degrees lower. This technique best works when the room is already a little cold. After completing your meditation, visualize in your mind’s eye that the temperature around you is getting colder and colder. Imagine the waves of ice particles emitting from your body and going through the entire room. If you have a thermometer in your room, you will find that the room temperature has gone little bit down, may be 1 or 2 degrees.

    4. Ice Ball

      Making an ice ball is a common technique practiced by many. Stand in a comfortable position and place your hands in front of you, palms facing each other. Now, imagine a psi ball forming between them and visualize a water flowing throughout your body and flowing in between your hands. Move your hands closer and farther to create a strong connection. Now visualize a cold wind sweeping across and forming the water into ice. Focus to make the ice into a ball between your hands until you make a complete ball. Once you created an ice ball, you can use it to project on something or someone.

These are the basic cryokinesis training and there are many advanced applications you can implement once you are comfortable with these techniques.

More on Cryokinesis

For more information on Cryokinesis, you can read the following book:

Manual of Cryokinesis: Applications, Experimentation, and Measurement
By Dr. Theresa M. Kelly

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