Nina Kulagina – A Real Soviet Telekinetic

A Russian woman, in 1970, manipulated a frog’s heart and made it to stop in one of the experiments, with her psychic abilities. She used her power of mind over matter. She is none other than Nina Kulagina aka Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina. “Ninel” is the name “Lenin” spelled in reverse and was the popular name given to girls born in Leningrad in those days.

Nina KulaginaNina’s Earlier Life

Nina kulagina was born in 1926 and joined the tank regiment of the Soviet Red Army at the age of fourteen. After the war, when she was seriously injured, she left the job and was married.

Nina kulagina’s Psychic Abilities

Nina Kulagina told that the objects in her home was used to move when she was angry. She had very little control over this. Then, she started attempting to move objects slowly and while practicing, she sensed that the force required to move objects came from within herself and finally unlocked her psychic abilities. She began to harness this psychic power and gained control over it. She already became a housewife when she discovered her psychic abilities especially psychokinesis. Nina could move a variety of small objects like matches, clock pendulums, cigarettes, crystal bowls and many other.

Soviet Scientist Edward Naumov was the first to test Nina’s psychic abilities, by spreading a box of matches on the table. Nina Kulagina spreaded her hands over the matches and within seconds, the matches moved to the corner of the table and fell down one by one. Due to her amazing results of experiments done by Russian Scientists, she was given another identity by name Nelya Mikhailova, to hide her real identity from the rest of the world.

Nina Kulagina then have been studied extensively by Dr. Genady Sergeyev. According to him, Nina could control the frog’s heart beat, imprint images on unexposed film sealed in black envelops, and could even move heavier objects. During these experiments, Sergeyev studied electrical fields and electrical potentials in her brain and found that the energy around the psychic’s body was half psychic and half non-psychic. This made him to conclude that Kulagina draws energy from around her and discharges it to the target object. Sergeyev also concluded that Nina had the ability to magnetize the objects including non-magnetic objects, and draw them towards her and could even repel those objects.

Nina kulagina was found to be under much physical and emotional stress during experiments. Her pulse rate increases, feeling pain in her upper spine and back of her neck. She even felt shivering while showing her ability. During her activated state, she occasionally experienced dizziness and nausea. She claimed that she felt less stress when alone and during experiments done in a friendly atmosphere having faith and trust. Her psychic ability is said to be mood dependent, both her as well as observers mood. She used to lose more energy when in skeptic atmosphere.

The Mechanical Aspects of Mrs. Nina Kulagina’s PK Effects

  • Size and shape are the important aspect than the physical structure of the object.
  • Weight and dimensions are important for the objects she is trying to influence.
  • She finds moving a vertical cylinder easier than moving a horizontal one.
  • Direction of objects depends on her will. She could move towards her or away from her. She could also cause rotational movements to occur.

The Electrical Aspects of Mrs. Kulagina’s PK Effects

  • An electrical field is generated in the vicinity of the object she was influencing, but there was no measurable field between her and the object. Also, no sparks were observed.
  • She could exert no effect on the objects placed in a vacuum.
  • Electrostatic screening has no effect on her abilities,but she was unsuccessful during storms or other atmospheric conditions when there was a greater than normal electricity in the air. She was also could not able to influence an electroscope.

There are also some instances where Nina displayed an extraordinary healing powers using hands. She was able to heal wounds by just keeping her hands above them. Nina Kulagina claimed that in order to be prepared, she has to meditate to clear her thoughts. She told investigators that when her concentration was successful and when she was ready, she felt a sharp pain in her spine and her vision was blurred.

Madame Nina’s Films

Many films were emerged, exhibiting psychokinetic abilities of Madame Nina moving objects without touching. It is important to note that during these films, the abilities were demonstrated under controlled conditions. One of the strangest filmed experiment was using her psychic abilities on a raw egg floating in a saline solution placed almost two meters away from her. With intense concentration, she separated the yolk from the white of the egg and moved the two apart.

Scientists when satisfied with the Nina Kulagina’s ability to move inanimate objects, they were curious to know whether Nina’s abilities extended to manipulating animate matter, such as living organisms. To their surprise, she manipulated the frog’s heart, floating in a solution. She first made it beat faster, then slower and then finally stopped it by focusing intensely.

Many other black and white films were emerged and they all suggested that the experiments were done under controlled conditions. It was reported that during that time, as many as forty scientists, including two Nobel laureates observed closely and confirmed that Nina’s abilities were genuine.

Criticism by Skeptics

Though Nina Kulagina’s abilities were not found to be fraud by anyone, there were skeptics including James Randi, who claimed that her powers were nothing but a cheap tricks and a sleight of hand. Many argued that the experiments were not conducted under proper conditions and she used magnets or a thin wire to move objects. Even, Moscow Newspaper “Pravda” criticized her by calling her a fake and a fraud. However, there is no direct evidence that Nina Kulagina ever faked her abilities.

Nina Kulagina’s Later Life

Nina struggled much to prove her psychic abilities and would have given many such experiments. But, near the end of her life in late seventies, she seems to have lost her powers and her health did not support to conduct scientific tests to prove her abilities. According to some reports, her psychic abilities were the route cause for her heart attack. So, the truth behind Nina’s abilities were died along with her. At her funeral, Soviets praised Nina kulagina as a “Hero of Leningrad” who fought for her people and her country. But, till now some Russians believe in her psychic abilities that yet to be proven genuine even today.

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