Psychic Influence – Techniques to Control and Influence Using Psychic Power

Psychic influence is one of the most interesting topics in the psychic field and one of the easy to develop powers without much experience. Anyone can use this power with little effort once they start practicing it. Every one of us use this power in our daily lives either consciously or unconsciously to influence someone to obey you and do your work or to make someone to act in a particular way. Even others too influence us without our knowledge or intention.

Psychic Influence Techniques

Most of us influence others by meeting them and communicating with them directly. But, psychic influence is a method of influencing by just using your mind from a distance. The influenced person would never come to know that you have used your psychic power to influence them and act naturally as if he or she doing that work according to their will.

Psychic influence can be used for either good or bad, but it is strictly recommended to use only for the highest good of all. This power can be used for anything, from negotiating to seduction. If you use this power to influence someone to do something bad or to cause bad, then the bad will come to you in 10 fold. The general occasions where you can use this power are negotiating with the sales person, influencing your boss to approve your proposal, making someone to help you in your matters, approval for your bank loan, and so on.

Every day, when we think of someone, we actually are projecting our psychic power to them. The person on the other side will also act in some or other way according to our thinking if our thoughts are powerful. The more bonding relationship between two of you, the more he or she will be influenced, no matter how much the distance is. But, once you develop your powers, the person will get influenced even if you both do not have any relationship.

You must remember that, using your powers only one time is generally not enough to influence anyone. Projecting your thoughts must be done repeatedly and with an intense focus. Also remember that if the person is protected by a psychic shield or have some psychic self defense, then it is almost impossible for you to influence him.

Principles of Psychic Influence:

According to a book “Clairvoyance and Occult Powers By Swami Panchadasi”, in order to develop your psychic power to influence others, you must impress the three principles stated below in your mind. The three principles are:

  1. Strong Desire: The first step to success in anything is to cultivate a strong intense desire. When you have a will power and a burning desire in your mind, the thoughts you send will have a power to manifest your wish or intention.
  2. Clear Visualization: The next step of course is the most crucial one and may need some practice to achieve this. Visualization is the key step to impress our thoughts and influence the person. Whether it is an idea or a feeling or may be something you want the other person to do, it is important to imagine and picture the person in your mind clearly.
  3. Concentration: Concentration is another step required for your success in influencing the person. You need focus upon the suggestion or an impression you want to plant on the other persons mind. When you concentrate, your energies will be conserved and used in a proper way. Concentration awakens our mind powers and channels them in a particular direction.

The greater the degree you can learn these three mental conditions, the greater will be your success in performing a psychic influence. A daily meditation will help you to achieve these conditions.

Psychic Influence Techniques:

  1. Relax: Get in a comfortable position and relax either by doing meditation or by listening to an audio. You can buy one if you wish from here either a brainwaves or hypnosis audio. This will help you to focus your thoughts and project it.
  2. Visualize: Now the next step is to visualize in your mind what you want the other person to do. Picture in your mind, the other person doing or feeling according to your suggestions.
  3. Project: While visualizing as in above step, project the energy on to the other person forehead. Imagine energy like a fine thread passing in to their forehead.
  4. Use Phrase: Use some phrase which describes your intention and say it in your mind while projecting your energy in to their forehead. Use energy and concentration as much as possible when you send your message. You can say a message something like, “John accepts (your name) proposal”.
  5. Hold the Thought: Hold the thought for a while, may be a minute or two and then just relax.

Always remember that you must be in a relaxed state while doing psychic influence and must not force yourself which will make you more stress. The technique must be used repeatedly on consistent basis to have a profound image on the other persons mind.

Our minds have a massive power and you can learn more secrets of mind power here.

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