Psychic Self defense – Techniques To Protect From Negative Energy

Psychic self defense is a way of protecting yourself from draining your energy due to external influences. Every day we meet different types of people and interact with them energetically throughout the day. The energy you may receive from them is either positive or negative. The energy transferred to you either consciously or unconsciously from the other person.

Psychic Self Defense Techniques

Some people even try to influence you psychically in a conscious way to get their work done by you. It is not necessary for them to meet you physically to influence you or to send some negative energy in your way. This is sometimes called as a psychic attack. Negative energies can also make you encounter with shadow people. So, to protect yourself from these negative energies, you must consciously practice psychic self defense regularly. Practicing every day is a good thing you can do.

We will discuss some of the common ways of psychic protection which helps you to remove or block negative energy, and work well if you combine several of them.

Psychic Self Defense Techniques:

      1. Set an Intention: Set a strong intention and say aloud that you intent to release or block negative energy. You may write your intention on a piece of paper, say it loud and burn it to ashes.
      2. Meditation: Meditation is one of the best ways to remove as well as to block negative energy. When you meditate, you will create positive vibrations that work as a psychic defense and protect you from negative energies.
      3. White Light: White light method is the most common and popular method used by many especially one who meditates. A light shield is something that you can use at any time you need and it is perfectly a safe process.

        One common technique used for a white light protection is as follows:

        Sit comfortable and place your feet touching the ground. Place your hands on your lap and close your eyes. Now take some deep breaths till you feel relaxed. Now, visualize a white light coming down and surrounding you by covering your entire aura making a protective shield. Imagine something like you are inside an egg or a bubble or ball, where a white light surrounds you. Now as you exhale, imagine the white light is falling down to the ground removing all your negative energies. After a few inhalations and exhalations, you can stop and feel good to go.

      4.  Body Position: You can also protect yourself from negative energy entering in to your aura by just crossing your arms and legs. Crossing the arms is an unconscious move many of us do when we are around some people. When you cross your hands in a folded position, you are protecting your solar plexus chakra and thus protecting your personal power.
      5. Elements: Another method of psychic self defense is to use the elements like Earth, Water, Fire and Air. You can imagine a wall of either of these elements as your psychic protection shield.
      6. Mirror Effect: If you know that you are going to meet a negative minded person, just imagine a number of mirrors surrounding you from head to toe. Imagine that all mirrors are facing away from you and towards the person you are interacting. This way, all the negative energy released by that person will be reflected back to him.
      7. Salt: Salt is the most common method used for absorbing negative energy. Here, the salt used must be a pure form, such as Sea Salt. You can use it in many ways. One way is to take a bath with sea salt. When taking a bath, add some sea salt in the water. It helps in removing all the negative energy you might have acquired during the day.

        Another way is to keep a glass of water mixed with sea salt on your work desk. This acts as a psychic defense and will protect you from receiving negative energies from the people at your work place. You can also use salt crystals or salt lamp that are available in the market.

      8. Reiki: Reiki is a healing technique in which, a life force flows within the body through chakras. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts and charge them with positive energy. This is one of the best techniques you can learn for the positive, to flow in your life. This also acts as a psychic self defense.
      9. Prayer: Prayer is the common method that has performed for many years by different religions. Every religion has their own method of praying and all are effective. When you combine prayer with the above methods, then it will strengthen your psychic defense and protect you from psychic vampires.

You can also call upon the angels and ask guidance and protection. It is believed that unless you ask angels and give them permission, they will not help you. So, the more you ask, the more help you will get.

The above methods are just a few of many techniques for a psychic defense, but the best way to avoid a psychic attack is to walk away from that person. The more you believe in the psychic attack, the more you attract. The person influencing you is not necessary to have magical powers. If their intention is strong, then they can attack you easily. It is observed that sensitive people are more prone to negative energies. Taking a spiritual path also helps you to tackle this situation. Always be positive, act with kindness, so that a white light of love will always serve as a psychic self defense to guard and protect you.

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