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What is Psychic Energy?

Psychic Energy

Psychic Energy is an Aura or an energy field that surrounds us like a bubble. It acts as a personal space and protects us from any negative influences outside.

How to Create Psychic Energy

As humans, we all are aware of our physical energy levels. We know when we have plenty of energy and we know when we are lacking energy.

Psychic energy is the energy contained within our mind. Just as when we lack physical energy there are symptoms, notably, inability to carry out physical tasks, clumsiness and so on.

With psychic energy, we are aware that sometimes we are unable to concentrate or think clearly. These are symptoms of the lack of available psychic energy.

Aristotle once said, “The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

Without any energy, our brains could not function and we would cease to exist. Psychic energy is always present at some level within our brain, so perhaps this section should be, more correctly, headed How to boost or develop our psychic energy.

How Psychic Energy Flows

Our emotions can trigger a charge or discharge of our psychic energy. Another individual can drain our energy or boost it. Energy neither generated nor destroyed. It is a neutral power that can be reshaped into another form or can flow in a particular direction.

Our jumbled thoughts can make energy slowly absorbed and seep away. If we channel our energy in a particular direction we can maximize its strength and achieve wonderful things.

Yes, we all have this latent psychic power within us, but only certain individuals have learned how to control, how it flows and how to focus it.

For the majority of us, our psychic energy is diluted so much that for most of the time we become unaware of its existence.

Occasionally, we are aware of the power when we have a hunch or we just know who is at the door, before we open it.

With training, we are able to do so much more, and make the energy flow in particular directions and achieve chosen ends.

Uses of Psychic Energy

Just as it is possible to feel someone draining our energy, so it is possible to share our own energy with others who are suffering from some illness or difficulty.

A trained Psychic healer can control the flow to another individual and provide the psychic energy for that person to heal themselves.

Someone with control of this psychic flow can change the receptivity of others in a meeting. Using this same technique they can direct energy to positive traits within themselves and enhance them, making them more
appealing to others.

Physics has shown us that energy cannot be destroyed, just can be transformed. And We know that humans are made up of both physical and psychic energy.

What happens to that energy when we die? When a genuine clairvoyant focuses their energy flow, can it be possible that they are able to attract this latent energy that still exists from the deceased person?

A poltergeist may well be a manifestation of that psychic energy from the deceased, as it adjusts from the separation from the human body. If that poltergeist can move a vase on a mantelpiece does it not follow that the same energy within a live person can achieve that same degree of control of remote objects

How to Manipulate

To manipulate psychic energy, it is necessary to, first of all, be aware of that energy. It is required that the individual can move and focus the energy at will. There are people who can exude positive, people who can change the atmosphere in a room just by their presence. These people have learned how to focus and manipulate their psychic energy at will.

Once we have accepted and embraced this energy concept, it is no giant leap to have an expectation that this energy can be used to interact with physical objects and it become simply an issue of training

How to Recharge

We cannot create energy but we can collect it that has been diluted and focus it on a given task. We can mix with people who have a positive aura and therefore enhance our energy levels. We can avoid people who are negative and cause our energy levels to dilute.

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