Chronokinesis – Tips and Techniques to Change Your Perception of Time

What is Chronokinesis

Chronokinesis is the ability of mind to manipulate and control one’s perception of time. It is derived from two words, “chrono” which means “time” and “kinesis” meaning “motion”. So, chronokinesis is the ability to slow down or speed up the time.


Many movies have shown the concept of chronokinesis as controlling the time in real, like moving back to the past or moving to the future. But actually this is not the case. It is one’s perception of time that is actually changing. The best example one can give is during your school days. In an interesting class, the time passes away so quickly that it seems to be short duration, whereas in a boring class the time drags. Have you ever felt at the end of your joyful day, where the time had gone? Or ever felt time seemed to be slowing down when you are lying on the bed in a hospital? These are some of the examples of the theory behind chronokinesis.

The examples stated above are the incidents experienced with no intentional act by the person. But, by training in ability of the chronokinesis, you can change your time perception at will whenever you wish.

Tips to learn Chronokinesis

  • Patience

    With patience, not only you can move mountains, but control time as well. Some people think of Chronokinesis as a magical skill or power you receive from a wizard in just one day. Learning Chronokinesis takes practice and in order to continue on with the practice, you require patience.

  • Change Your Perception of Time

    Most people are of the opinion that day and night alone defines the time. But in reality, time is fluid and is measured using an event i.e. day and night does not cause or define time but they are simply an event which measures the time. Our lives itself are also an event that becomes a single point and disappears in the flow of time.

Understanding this would give you an advantage in learning Chronokinesis. In order for you to be more effective in Chronokinesis, you need to accept what you understood and apply it as well.

  • Go Beyond Your Limit

    People usually define their limit using time. For example, some individuals would say, “I can only read up to 10 pages within 15 minutes”. This is actually quite contrary to Chronokinesis. It is because they are capable of doing the same work within 10 minutes or even less. If I give such individuals 10 minutes to read 10 pages, along with the words “And not a minute more”, they would definitely read the pages within 10 minutes. It means when you are in pressure, you push your limit further and thus controlling time.

  • Observe More

    You need to increase your observational skills if you want to learn Chronokinesis. Remember that observational skills are not the same as increasing your eyesight or your hearing capacity. Observation simply means seeing what everyone sees with the addition of observing what you see. Observation of a certain event or situation as it passes by would increase the processing speed of your brain. When your brain performs at an accelerated speed, you would feel like everything around is moving slow. It is the first step in learning Chronokinesis.

How to do Chronokinesis Training?

  1. Focus On The Tick Tock

    Another best way, similar to meditation, to train your Chronokinesis ability. Sit in an empty or more spacious room with an analog wall clock in front of you. The clock should make a clear and audible tick-tock sound for you to hear from a close distance. Close your eyes and focus on the tick-tock sound. As time passes by, you would feel the sound either moving at faster or slower pace. Continue on like this until you hear the tick-tock at a pace you want to hear.

  2. Control Your Breathing

    Time would seem to move either faster or slower depending on your breath as well. Meditation is the best possible way to control your breathing. An individual with a near death experience would say that he felt the time stop. Actually, breathing has something to do with this. When he was close to death, his breath would have stopped, thereby stopping all his body movements and this increased the alertness of the brain to pay more attention to everything at once, thus stopping or slowing time. So, controlling your breath would train you in controlling time.

  3. Live In The Present

    It is perhaps one of the most often heard phrases in your life. Even so, there arises a need to say this here, as it relates to learning Chronokinesis. Most people would say that you can divide the time into three; Past, Present, and Future. In truth, the present is the only time among the three. The Past is thinking about what has happened and future is just making assumptions. So, essentially the past and future are just thoughts. On the other hand, the present is the only thing that exists and makes changes. Therefore, it is through focusing on the present you would control time.

  4. Cheat Your Brain

    Brain is capable of performing much more complicated tasks than what we put them through. Among such complicated tasks is Chronokinesis. As mentioned earlier, the true ability of your brain reveals itself under pressure. With some little tricks, you can create an illusion for your brain and cheat your brain into revealing its true capabilities.

For example, set the clock time to 10 minutes fast. The muscle memory would make your brain to believe that you are 10 minutes late. Upon doing so, the brain would enable you to gain control over time for a brief moment, so as to gain you the 10 imaginary minutes you have lost. Remember how you accessed that brief moment and try doing it again without pressure. Though the trick may seem childish, it is one of the effective ways to train Chronokinesis.


Like any other psychic ability, it takes time to train with the chronokinesis techniques mentioned above. It needs your patience, time and persistence.

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