6 Differences Between Psychic and Medium Readers

6 Differences Between Psychic and Medium Readers

According to religious, the ability to get in touch with spirits and entities is something divine that can be developed through study and dedication. Science also seeks to understand the phenomenon, considered innate to all human beings.

medium readingHave you ever felt like you were being watched, but when you turned to see who it was, no one was there? Did you hear someone say your name without anyone around? Did you have the impression that you felt someone’s presence when you were alone at home? It may be that these situations were nothing, but it may also be that spirits are trying to communicate with you.

At least that’s what mediums believe, people who have developed the ability to connect, in one way or another, with the world of the dead.

According to them, feeling these manifestations from time to time is common, as we all have the ability to establish that contact. Deciding whether or not to work on this seemingly inherent ability in humans is a choice – and the paths do not necessarily need to go through any religion.

Although the subject causes some fear, it is a fact that the subject also arouses a good deal of curiosity. The invisible worlds and their secrets are one of the examples of how the search for information is capable of changing paradigms – and the way life is viewed.

There is a difference between intuition and mediumship. Mediumship is being able to see something more. Premonitory dreams, figures and even perceptions that came as flashes about the problems of close people were, the starting point to seek to deepen the theme.

For some experts, mediumship is defined as “an experience in which an individual claims to be in communication with or under the influence of a deceased person or another non-material being”.

The theme, in fact, is familiar to all of us – since it is present at the base of most religions.

As for examples, Moses and the prophets receiving messages from God and angels, Muhammad receiving messages from the angel Gabriel in the composition of the Koran, the Greek oracles, the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the early Christian communities, as well as among the charismatic and Protestant Catholics Pentecostal.

Under the Lens of Science

For more than a century, researchers have tried to understand what the phenomenon of mediumship is all about. The interest in this type of study, explains the psychiatrist, had its first peak between the 19th and 20th centuries.

In recent years, the theme seems to have surfaced. Mediumistic experiences have been thoroughly investigated by researchers for over 100 years.

There was a great interest in the theme in the transition from the 19th and 20th centuries and, recently, there was a resumption of interest.

Among the main hypotheses are fraud, mental illness, manifestations of the medium’s unconscious, extrasensory perception (telepathy and clairvoyance) and survival of consciousness / personality after bodily death.

While everyone possess these intuitive abilities, but only the psychics ace their skills to an extent that they perceive information, unknown by the ordinary.

Some psychics are born with an innate talent for the supernatural while others practice to develop their psychic abilities.

Psychic ReadingBoth psychic readers and psychic mediums have an overwhelming influence in the world now.

According to a Pew research, almost one out of every seven Americans met with a psychic in 2009. But often the terms psychic readers and psychic mediums are used interchangeably as if they are the same thing.

While it is true that both psychics and mediums claim to possess a sixth sense, but still they are vastly different.

Psychics have several supernatural abilities. They can predict someone’s future by looking into a crystal ball or consulting a deck of tarot cards. They can furnish a client with information regarding his past, present and future.

Often they offer advice in the matters of love, money and health etc. Some even claim to have the power of moving objects just with the power of their minds.

Psychics employ perceptions of hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing for collecting information regarding their clients for clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairvoyance readings

Psychic mediums on the other hand communicate with the spirits. These spirits could provide information regarding the present, past and the future because they are not hindered by time and space.

It is also important to note that sometimes the mediums could predict the future events but that is not decided by the mediums rather it is up to the spirits themselves whether they want to reveal the information or not.

While everyone possess these intuitive abilities, but only the psychics ace their skills to an extent that they perceive information, unknown by the ordinary.

Some psychics are born with an innate talent for the supernatural while others practice to develop their psychic abilities.

Some of the differences between psychic and medium readers are down below:

Difference Between Psychic and Medium Readers:

Mediums have different tools of trade than do the psychic readers because mediums often communicate with the spirits through descriptions of information and images which often are personal in nature to their clients.

On the other hand, psychics do not have any standard set of rituals; they can work with astrological charts, palms or tarot cards etc.

Psychics use the vibrational energy of a place, person or thing to receive information pertaining to a client. The client might be interested in knowing the past, present or future events of his life.

On the other hand, a medium collects information through talking with the spirits. It is important to note that while every medium do have psychic abilities but not every psychic reader could have the abilities of a medium. This shows that medium-ship is a higher degree in psychic development.

Every psychic or medium may have certain preferences or levels of comfort ability in terms of places or objects with which they work.

Say that some psychics may feel easily comfortable to receive information from themselves or their clients while others may need to develop certain abilities in order to communicate with the spirits.

Among the general public, psychic mediums are perceived to be more credible than the psychic readers. Part of the reason of this perception could be the increased press space for mediums than readers.

Also since the concept of afterlife is embedded in many religions, therefore the idea of talking with a spirit seems far more valid than a person predicting futures with palm readings etc.

Popular psychic mediums often make their appearances on the television shows, and interact with their audiences. They also write bestselling books and have more a celebrity persona in the public eyes. In comparison, psychic readers live comparatively obscure lives.

Due to greater visibility and respectability in the public eyes, the mediums charge a great deal more than the psychic readers.

It is estimated that on average psychics charge $3.99 per minute, a figure which is considerably low compared with the mediums.

The mediums on average may charge more than $200 for an hour meeting.

Off course it all depends on the experience of the particular psychic, still the mediums enjoy a greater pricing privilege on average than the readers.

Mentors are Necessary

Reading from books and training oneself sounds like the perfect recipe for developing one’s psychic abilities, but still it is lacking something very important.

The guidance is not tailored to personal needs and preferences. Since every individual is unique and may need special care with their training, therefore theses instructions might not be that helpful.

While one may read all the theories that there are in books and magazines regarding psychic development, there are still many things which can’t be learned without a real mentor.

As is the case with psychic development that it comprises of different stages, and each stage requires special care and effort to go higher up, therefore only a mentor can guide one through those stages with his/her skills and expertise.

Only a mentor can see a person’s mistakes while practicing and may give valuable feedback, so one may know the weak areas that need improvements.

Developing one’s psychic abilities may seem easier in reading than in practice. Sometimes the practice can get overwhelming and confusing.

During those moments of hopelessness and confusion, the mentors will be most useful, because it is not an easy endeavor and these moments of hopelessness are inevitable along the journey. The mentors will guide and take one ahead smoothly.

These mentors will grasp the situation quickly because they have passed through those experiences themselves during their psychic development.

Besides, they will encourage one when encouragement is needed and push one out of the comfort zones when needs be. They will teach one to never give up and move ahead instead.


So after comparing the psychics and medium readers, it can be said for those looking for spiritual guidance that the choice between a medium and a psychic really depends on several factors.

Both mediums and readers operate in completely different areas and one has to find the area where one is the most comfortable or talented.

Therefore, if one is comfortable with using tools like crystal balls, tarot cards etc or talented in gauging the energy of objects, then psychic readers seem the perfect fit.

But if the signs of ability are clearly showing that one is made for a medium, and feel like a spirit is communicating with one, then medium-ship should be the choice.

It is important to note that every person is unique and has an intuitive sense where their strengths and weaknesses lie, whether they are better at perceiving or receiving information from others.

Some may have a strong power of intuition while others may have strong mediumship abilities. It all depends on the preference and innate abilities of a person.

The psychic mentors could help one progress forward but ultimately it is the person himself/herself who has to make the jump, and the mentors will only be useful in guiding and instructing.

Today, more and more people believe in psychic powers. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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