Electrokinesis Training for Beginners

Electrokinesis is the micro-psychokinetic phenomena which can be defined as the ability of mind to manipulate energies and electrical currents by making surrounding atoms charged.

Modes of Electrokinesis:

Electromanipulation, Photokinesis and Technokinesis are the three recognized EK modes.

  • Electromanipulation

    This mode involves controlling electrical impulses in organic beings.

  • Photokinesis 

    This mode’s effects are used to recognize and direct the flow of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum. A skilled psion can create holograms spontaneously and can generate lasers by focusing his will.

  • Technokinesis 

    This mode involves in tapping into and controlling energy flow through mechanical technology, from computers to spacecraft.

Electrokinesis also referred to as EK , can be known to exist in many fiction books and comics but not in real life. But, it is believed that like any other psychokinesis abilities, one can develop the gift of electrokinesis if proper training is obtained.

Electrokinesis - Manipulate Electrical EnergyElectrokinesis Training for Beginners:

  • Get into a Peaceful Mind

    Of course, getting into a calm and peaceful mind is the most important step to be considered before starting to practice any psychokinesis abilities. Doing meditation is the best or you can perform any other activity to clear your mind.

  • Listen Electricity

    Before just starting your practice or even a few days before, listen to sounds of electricity popping and crackling. You can listen these sounds through an online search. Imagination of these sounds are required when you are in the initial stages of practice.

  • Visualize

    Now, when you think you have cleared your mind, close your eyes and visualize the electricity passing through your body, inside and outside. The visualization can best achieved when you lie down on bed before you go to sleep. Do this for few minutes everyday and try to see them as shocking and also hearing them popping and crackling. This will of course take anything from few days to weeks to actually feel electricity. You must have patience to reach this stage and to actually feel it.

Now, project the electricity from your body through your fingers and merging with the chi ball. You will start hearing crackling sounds and you can use this ball to shock someone. But, be careful that this ball may make severe damage to the person if they are very weak.This is the basic training for beginners which can be practiced in the initial stages. Once you become expert in creating electricity throughout your body using the above method, then you can move to advanced training methods.

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Electrokinesis Training Using Advanced Methods:

  1. Using Battery

    Take a battery or something that holds electricity and place your hand on it. Now, visualize the electricity coming from the battery through your hands like a magnet. Now, you can use this energy to charge another battery or for anything else.

  2. Using Big Source of Electricity

    Another method is to charge yourself by finding some closest source of power something like electric poles or anything else. You must feel the energy within that source and receive that energy using your electromagnetic pulse.

  3. Use Aura

    Using your aura is something like making a psi ball mentioned above. You must have some knowledge on aura. Aura is the energy field that is emitted from all living things. You can use this aura to make an energy ball between your palms and then try to feel the currents zipping between your palms and fingers. You can use this energy to light a bulb or dim it or fuse it off. Of course it cannot be achieved in first attempts, but practice makes it to happen.

The above advanced methods seems to be unrealistic, but once you practiced as I mentioned in beginners training, you will find yourself unbelievable.

Create Miracles

When you become expert in electrokinesis at will, you can use your energy for some applications mentioned :

  • Charging Batteries 

    Hold a battery while building energy in your body. Then expel that energy through your hands and to the battery.

  • Blow Bulb

    Hold a bulb in your hands and try to transfer energy from your body through your hands and to the bulb. The bulb will either blow or not depends on your level of energy. This may not be achieved at first few tries but once you achieve this, then you can almost do it every time.

  • Powering Machines

    This is the toughest of all. In order to do this, you must inject the energy into the machine and work through it using your mind’s eye. It may take a lot of attempts even for a most advanced person. Some machines can be easily run but others cannot.

  • Flash of light

    You might have noticed how your room lights up when there is a lightning flash during a storm. You can do the same. Think of a big ball of energy emerging from your hands into the air and creating a big flash of light.

So, there are many other applications you can think of, once you learn electrokinesis.

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