Pyrokinesis – Manipulating Fire with Mind

Pyrokinesis, a branch of Psychokinesis, is defined as the alleged psychic ability to create, extinguish and manipulate fire only by using mind.

The term ‘Pyrokinesis” was first coined by the Author “Stephen King” in his novel “Firestarter” later a film produced based on this.

Pyrokinesis Definition

But, is pyrokinesis real? All applications of Psychokinesis are not proved scientifically and most people claim it is not real. But according to some stories, very few people claim to have those powers. The people who claim to have pyrokinesis ability are far less than those who claim to have the ability of Telekinesis.

Most of the people who claim pyrokinetic, have ability only to extinguish or manipulate fire but very few claim creating fire. To make it clear, pyrokinesis can be performed when the person is capable of changing or increasing the temperature internally or externally.

Whether it is true or not still unknown, but people doing it are unable to prove it scientifically and skeptics are claiming it to be trickery. Even most people found doing tricks and so skeptics confirm that other people who claim pyrokinetic may also backed up by the same tricks.

You can still find these types of abilities in movies, cartoons and comic books. But in real life you may not find.

However some events of pyrokinesis took place in various places of the world which are given below:

  • In 2011, a three-year old Filipino girl drove media crazy when it was claimed that she have the ability to predict fire. Many things like clothes, sleeping mats, pillows caught fire immediately after predicted by her that they would burn. Many policemen and fire authorities claim to witnessed fire caused by the girl without touching the objects.
  • Another event of pyrokinetic phenomena occurred in the city of Melipilla in Chile, astonished the local residents when objects got fired in one of the residences without any reason.

According to Melipilla local website, the event occurred during weekends of the national holiday, catching fire on various furnitures within the home. When authorities visited the site and while speaking with the house residents, a room became filled with the smoke arising from the sudden combustion of a wallet lying on a dresser.

The officials could not believe their eyes as the fire caught without any reason. The news has become a great public discussion and the case is still unsolved.

  • One more event same as like above took place in Vietnam. A 11-year old girl had puzzled many scientists with her supernatural ability. According to her father, fire appears wherever she goes. In her home, the electricity got short-circuited and many sockets got burnt. Sometimes, even her clothes caught fire.

Doctors from that city took the blood and urine samples of the girl for further study. But, they could not able to find any unusual or abnormal reports.

Even a group of scientists came to her home and collected soil, water and objects near to her home for analysis. But, they rejected environment as the element causing any special abilities within the girl because fire appears wherever she goes but not just at her home.

From above incidents, it can be concluded that pyrokinesis is real if those news were true. Whatever it is, most people say it is possible to learn Pyrokinesis and can be achieved through techniques like meditation and unwavering concentration.

Controlling the mind and energy flow is a must for anyone to perfect this ability. Before practicing or performing any psychic abilities, belief and faith are most important. One more thing is patience. You cannot achieve anything overnight. You need patience and constant persistence to learn pyrokinesis.

Performing Pyrokinesis is really very dangerous and every care should be taken before performing it. It may even burn you or others if not performed well. The key secret to perfect Pyrokinesis is focusing on the flame and direct your energy to move or control it.

To master pyrokinesis, one must have commitment, discipline and an iron will. You can find some tips in my next article on “Pyrokinesis Training“.

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