Poltergeist Signs – How to Identify a Poltergeist

Poltergeist activity is the most widely misunderstood concept in paranormal study. Many are confused this activity with ghost or haunting phenomenon. In this article, you will learn the signs of a poltergeist which helps you to identify whether you have a poltergeist at home.

Signs of Poltergeist

So, how do you identify if there is a poltergeist in your place? Below are given some signs of poltergeist activity, however, you must ensure that these activities are not caused by any other everyday common faults. For example, electrical disturbances may be due to faulty wiring, bad smells may be coming from outside or any other such activity. You can even appoint a paranormal investigator to investigate if you have any doubts.

Signs of A Poltergeist Activity or Possession Symptoms:

These are most 9 common poltergeist signs reported which does not necessarily indicate a poltergeist activity.

    1.  Things start disappearing and appearing: You may find objects disappearing mysteriously and appearing later within a minute or sometimes even days or months. You may even unable to find that object ever or may find in a mysterious place like on top of the shelves or somewhere where you could not believe.
    2. Disgusting Smells: Foul smell is the another sign of poltergeist activity. You may sense any type of smell from cigarette smoke to spoiled food or anything like this. But be sure that these smells are not coming from outside of your place.
    3. Objects thrown or levitating: This is the best sign that you can guess that poltergeist is at home. Objects start to float or thrown without any apparent force. Things fall from the shelves, furniture move by itself, and even some small objects fly across the room. Objects levitate can be anything from a few inches to a several meters.
    4. Electrical Interference: Poltergeist can even cause electrical disturbances. They cause the lights flickering; switching on and off your TV or stereos, even increasing their volume; may even cause appliances turning on and off.
    5. Knocking, Rapping and Other Sounds: You may hear loud noises or banging sounds in your vicinity or may even hear foot steps but no one is there. Theses sounds may even be due to the effects of haunting or sounds just coming from outside. So, be careful before concluding.
    6. Things suddenly start working: You find things suddenly start working like moving toys or a damaged clock on the wall may start ticking suddenly.
    7. Your Pet Dog is afraid: Pets have a sixth sense and can sense easily when something goes wrong. If your dog is afraid to come inside, then chances are you may have a poltergeist.
    8. Hear voices or Text messages: You may hear calling your name but no one is present. Some strange messages can be seen on the wall or door, written forwards or backwards. This is a clear sign that your house is haunted.
    9. Physical Attack: This is the extreme stage of a poltergeist activity. Physical attacks can be anything from slapping to a killing someone. Scratches are the most commonly reported. You may find bruises on your body when you wake up. When you see signs of physical attack, then it’s time to get help.

Though, here given some signs of a poltergeist activity, it is still difficult to differentiate it from haunting activity. Parapsychologist or a Paranormal Investigator is the right person to identify this activity. The investigator will also consider other factors like Poltergeist Stages, before making any conclusion. If it is a poltergeist activity, the investigator will try to find who the agent is. Poltergeist Agent is a person around whom the activity tends to occur.

Most of the time, poltergeist activity will come to end within few hours to few days. It is very rare that it would continue for years. Also, it is observed that a small percentage of cases can be described as demonic in nature but most of the cases are poltergeist activity.

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