Geokinesis – Training to Become an Earth bender to Control Earthly Objects

Geokinesis is derived from the Greek word “Geo” meaning “Earth” and “Kinesis” meaning “movement”.

Geokinesis TrainingWhat is Geokinesis

Geokinesis is defined as the psychic ability to move earth or earth molecules including sand, rocks and minerals. Geokinesis also called as Terrakinesis or Earth Bending.

With geokinesis power, you will create a relation between you and the earth and be able to control objects such as stones, minerals, sand, etc. You can also create sinkholes, sand storms, hurl boulders and even create landforms.

The power of geokinesis is illustrated mainly in children novels like “Heroes of Olympus”, but one can develop this ability like any other psychic ability.

In the history, it was observed that role of human emotions can create change in earth’s magnetic field. The Global Coherence Project site reported that the satellites displayed a spike in the geomagnetic field at the time of September 11th attack and for many days thereafter, indicating the stress levels caused by human emotions created a change in earth’s magnetic field. If this is possible, then it is also possible that the power of geokinesis can able to manipulate earthly objects.

Geokinesis or Terrakinesis Training

    • Before starting Geokinesis training, you must perform a grounding exercise to help you connect with the earth. Spend sometime everyday with nature and try to establish a bond between you and the ground or earth. Spending time with barefoot is good.
    • Play sometime with sand or with different stones to know and feel the elemental structure.
      Now do some meditation work for a few minutes and create a connection between you and the earth. Meditation is the foundation for all psychic abilities.
    • Place some stones or a pile of sand, whatever you may wish, in front of you. Now sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine that the roots of energy are growing slowly from the base of you and going deep into the heart of the earth.
    • When you feel that you have reached the center of the earth, try to feel a huge amount of energy. Now imagine drawing this energy through the roots flowing into your body as you breathe. Imagine the energy flowing in through the body energizing you and making a connection between you and the earth.
  • When you feel connected, place your hands above the sand and take control of the sand. You may feel a long strings from your hand are attached to the sand or stones. Now with this energy, you can try to shift the stones or a sand to the direction you wish. Slowly open your eyes and see whether you are successful or not. This will not occur at the first attempt but you need to practice a lot like any other psychokinesis ability.
  • Once you have mastered moving stones or a pile of sand, then you can continue to advanced training which involves molding the sand in different shapes. It will be easy starting with shapes like spheres and pyramids.
  • It is said that the geokinesis masters can even able to create a small earthquakes. Follow the steps given above everyday and note down your results in your journal and see the results.
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