Understanding |Finding | and Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

Trying to dive into the world of spirit guides can feel intimidating. With the impressive wealth of information available out there, it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed.

As a child of the universe, you have many spirit guides who protect and watch over you in the physical, spiritual, and non-physical planes of existence. Your spirit guides are helping you navigate the challenges of daily life and provide valuable support as you go through life’s experiences.

Spirit Guides are a special psychic protection and guidance tool that help to direct you in the right direction. They support you in every aspect of life.

The spirit guides can be used to guide you through life’s decisions by being your protector, acting as your guide, holding you back from going down the wrong path with whatever is going on in your life. It will also protect you from negative beings or entities.

Here is a quick and simple rundown of the biggest questions you may have surrounding spirit guides and how to communicate with them.

Where Do Spirit Guides Come From?

This is the most controversial question surrounding spirit guides. Ultimately, where your spirit guide comes from will rely on your understanding of what a spirit guide actually is.

Some people feel they are entities, entirely separate from themselves; while others feel they originate from somewhere within one’s own mind or consciousness.

No matter if you believe they exist on some other dimension or come from somewhere within, it is pretty well agreeable on all sides, that they are a universal force placed in our lives to help us on our journey. Sometimes here to teach or warn. Other times to comfort or reveal.

Your major guides stick with you pretty much throughout your life and seem to help with learning major lessons in life. Minor guides come and go and mainly help with daily struggles or questions. Where you believe they come from or reside is as personal to you and your journey as the journey itself.

Types of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can manifest to you in many types. It is possible to encounter all different types throughout your spiritual journey. Here are 10 of the most common types of spirit guides people encounter.

  1. Ancestors
  2. Deceased Loved Ones
  3. Trans-species
  4. Mythical Creatures
  5. Animals/Totems
  6. Plants
  7. Gods or Goddesses
  8. Light Beings
  9. Ascended Masters
  10. Angels

Communication or Contacting With Your Spirit Guides

The most sure-fire way to communicate with your spirit guides is meditation. Learning to silence your mind opens you up to receive messages the universe is trying to send you. Simply quieting your mind enough to listen may be all you need to hear the messages your spirit guides have for you.

Trance is similar, being basically any semi-conscious state, and is another communication method. Your spirt guides may communicate with you through number synchronicities or in your dreams.

With work, dreams can become wonderful communication with your spirit guides. Learning to lucid dream and using dreamwork is a very worthwhile venture when learning how to communicate with your spirit guides and receive all the messages they have to share with you.

Here are some other suggestions for communication with your spirit guides. In the end, using your intuition and learning to trust your gut is a necessity of communication with spirit guides. Every path is different, and what works for one may not work for another. You can try things like:

  • Scrying
  • Visualization
  • Bibliomancy
  • Tarot

How To Ask Spirit Guides For Help

Asking your spirit guides for help can be as simple as quieting your mind and concentrating on your question. Meditation is a great way to open up communication going both ways. It is also a good idea to develop a small phrase you say after asking your question, aimed at thanking your spirit guides for their help.

You should always thank your guide’s for their help and wisdom. Something simple will due, the most important part is acknowledgment and gratitude. “Thank you, Higher Guides, for hearing me and showing me the way”, or something of the sort is just fine.

You can also try writing it down or speaking it out loud to make it more real or tangible to you, and the universe. Your words are your greatest powers. Stating your intention to the universe by speaking or writing it into actual existence, existence that can be seen and heard, has its own power in the universe.

Psychic Connection With Spirit Guides

Being more in tune with your spirit guides is really a matter of looking within and asking for their help from a place of love and truth and compassion. You want to set your intention clearly and thank them for whatever guidance they offer you. Then you need to listen and look for signs.

One effective way to gain a deeper psychic connection with spirit guides is writing with your spirit guides. After meditation on your question or problem, begin writing anything that stood out to you in your mind’s eye or anything that may have popped into your head while meditating.

You may even find your guides speaking directly to you as you write if you notice a switch between first person and second person; or, in some cases, even a change in handwriting.

Your psychic connection is so strong with your spirit guide if this happens, that you are actually channeling them. Trusting your instinct and the universe is the key to making a strong psychic connection with your spirit guides.

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