Coronavirus and How to Use Psychic Power to Fight Against it for a Relief

The information provided here is not a medical advice or any other treatment to cure coronavirus. The information is solely education and entertainment purpose, not to be followed without proper knowledge.

One day we hopefully find some solution to treat coronavirus thru medical, but in this article I just want to give some psychic healing methods, so that people who are afraid of the disease may get relief and it helps you to defend.

The mind is a powerful thing. If used properly and with the right training one can access parts of it never before known or studied.

In distressing times such as these, it is more pertinent now than ever to unlock the psychic abilities and tap into your own psychic energy.

Energy medicine or Psychic healing is the ability that some healers have to channel healing energy into oneself or a patient to effect positive results.

In this article, we will learn how to use psychic healing to protect or treat yourself of the prevalent and dangerous Coronavirus.

What is Coronavirus?


As you might have heard on the news, Coronavirus is a highly infectious disease that often compromises your respiratory functions. It is also known to aggravate other illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, other respiratory diseases, or even cancer.

As of now, there is no known vaccine or treatment for the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is also known by the name COVID-19.

The symptoms of coronavirus might include but are not limited to the following:




Aches and pains

Sore throat

and Nausea or a runny nose

What is Psychic Healing?

Psychic healing is an ancient and powerful way to prevent or treat illnesses.

Many variations of it can be found in many different cultures while many cases exist of successful psychics healing themselves or another person of a disease or ailment.

Know that the human mind is highly complex and capable of amazing and inexplicable things.

At the very essence of psychic healing is the transferring of energy from one person to another or the cleansing of your own energy.

This can be done with either the assistance of spirits, invocation of some deity whose role it is to heal, or your own unbendable spirit.

There are several types of psychic healing. Listed below are the most common:

Mental healing

Pranic healing

Near to body healing

Spiritual healing

Magnetic healing

Trance healing

Absent healing

and Distant healing

How to unlock your own psychic healing abilities to fight the Coronavirus?

There are many types of methods and techniques that allow you to unlock your healing abilities.

What is certain is that psychic healing is a deeply personal process and every healer possesses their own styles and methods.

Healing can also differ depending on a specific healers, religion, ethnicity, and gender.

What is certain is that if you are to unlock your psychic powers and fully utilize your untapped potential, you must possess a high degree of confidence in yourself.

To fight the virus, you must believe that you have it in you to do so; that you truly believe that you have powers to successfully destroy it. Your spirit must be unbendable.

Once you are certain of your own will-power, try some of these techniques:

  • Some healers utilize crystals and various stones to hold , intensify , or aid their healing energy.

Depending on what’s being treated, the crystals themselves might differ in properties.

For coronavirus, try using clear quartz, rubies, carnelian, or black tourmaline.

Believe that the stones are sources of great power and energy and imagine the energy within them flowing into your body as you are holding them.

Meditate on this for as long as you wish until you feel like you’re completely cleansed.

Conversely, the crystals might be containers for you to lock the Coronavirus’ negative energy into.

In this case, as you meditate, imagine that your own positive energy is growing in size and strength and pushing all the viral negativity into the crystals.

It helps to draw positive energy from anywhere you can get them; they can be memories, religion, or love. The same logic applies if you are healing somebody else.

  • Some healers use energy transference by envisioning the pain their patient is undergoing and using that to help their auras blend effectively.

The key here is filtering out the negative energy and transferring some of your positive energy into them.

If you are treating yourself it might help to imagine the energy swirling around your body and slowly envision the negative energy being filtered out and dispersed into the air where they are dematerialized.

You might want to do this during special times in the day. Night time, perhaps before bed and especially under a full moon, might help amplify your abilities.

Light some incense or scented candles if it pleases you and relax into a meditative. Focus solely on your breathing first then begin the process of cleansing yourself as described.

It is absolutely important that you do this without fear, anxiety, or any negative emotions.

To rid yourself of bad energy, your own good energy must be immovable.

  • One method that has been tried and tested but requires extensive training is acupuncture.

Acupuncture uses very fine needles strategically inserted at the various energy pools around the body.
This induces a calm and relaxed feeling while allowing the needles to serve as conductors for the negative energy to be drawn out of the body.
Seek a professional to do this for you or sign up for a class and learn its methods meticulously

Final Thoughts

In the end, whether you are a beginner or a long-time healer, it is important to do your research and keep an open mind if you are to successfully battle this rampaging virus.
Always remember that if you take life with a positive attitude, then positive energy will ensue, thus, leading to a positively healthy life.
Psychic healing may not cure from the virus but can be used to protect from it before attacking. Or can be used to minimise the virus effect.

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