Aerokinesis Training – Tips and Techniques

What is Aerokinesis?

Aerokinesis, an another branch of psychokinesis, is the psychic ability to manipulate and control surrounding air molecules by using mind.

Aerokinesis is the psychical influence of air flow in regards to elemental gases like Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon and Nitrogen. Aerokinetics cannot be treated as something magical but indeed these abilities are phenomenon of physics. While performing Aerokinesis, the person must take utmost attention like any other psychokinesis applications.

Aerokinesis - moving air

While performing Aerokinetic phenomenon, the three factors that should be kept in mind are Pressure, Temperature and Density of air molecules at that place. Air moves from high pressure to low pressure until the pressures become equal. Temperature also plays an important role in air direction. Warm air molecules have more energy and they move faster and create more pressure. Also, the denser the air, more the pressure.

Due to these three factors, sometimes the performer would get difficulty in showing aerokinetic effect. It is observed that the person showing the ability to move gases which are static, has shown inability to control the move of gases when these gases are put into motion.

In the same way, persons who are able to influence the gases in motion are unable to move those gases when it is at rest position. This shows, each and every person is different in using his aerokinetic abilities and must practice accordingly.

So, to become a real airbender and to learn the art of aerokinesis anything from creating a small breeze to a large gust of wind using your mind power, you need to focus as well as you need to connect with the wind. You can follow the following steps to develop the skill.

Tips Before Practicing Aerokinesis:

  • For beginners, it is better to go outside and practice as it is observed that many persons were successful in learning when they are connected with winds outside.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and make sure your mind is calm. It is very easy to connect with the wind when you are peaceful. Performing meditation before practicing will give more benefit.
  • You can also practice opening hand chakras, if you know how. This will much easier for the energy to flow when they are awakened.
  • Make sure the weather outside is comfortable, not too hot or too cold.
  • It is good to go outside everyday and just be in the moment for few days before actually practicing the procedure for aerokinesis. Try to give your love to the surroundings.
  • Finally, believe in yourself and practice, practice, practice.

Techniques for Aerokinesis Training:

  • Go out and you can start meditating to calm your mind or you can choose any other method you are comfortable with. The goal is your mind must be calm and peace. Stressed mind will only do harm to you.
  • Now feel the surroundings and focus on the wind. Feel the wind hitting you in the direction you wish. Affirm yourself either slowly or loudly that you are wind. Affirm, “I am the wind. I am connected to the wind. It is part of me.” Repeat these words by visualizing the outcome you intent.Aerokinesis - Creating Tornado
  • Close your eyes and visualize creating an energy from you, may be psi ball energy or you can create a chi in your belly. Now visualize releasing this energy to the atmosphere with your intent to connect with the wind.
  • If you send your intent with light and love, it will respond to you with love. Let your chi connect with the air and become one. Let the energy spread throughout the atmosphere and make you attached to the winds.
  • If you wish to make the weather rainy, visualize your energy pulling the clouds towards you. And in the same way, for making it sunny, visualize your energy pushing away the clouds.
  • You can use any gestures you wish. The important point is that you must feel good and comfortable. Lastly, believe that you can do aerokinesis and do not stop practicing until you become perfect.

It was observed that aerokinetic phenomena report conditions like asthma or intermittent shortness of breath. But, there is no evidence saying that these are caused by the result of aerokinesis training.


Manual of Aerokinesis: Applications, Experimentation, and Measurement by Dr. Theresa M. Kelly

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