Psychic Signs and Symbols

Psychic signs and symbols are those which give information to the psychics during their reading. Not only psychics, but we too receive the guidance in our daily lives through these signs and symbols. We must try and develop to observe the indications that give information we required.

Many times we are always receiving psychic signs and symbols in our lives. They might be meant to warn, complement, encourage or empathize with us. If you know how to read them you will be on the winning end. Don’t you believe angel talk and spirits too?

So in this article, we are going to focus on some of the psychic symbols and signs.

What are they really? How do they differ? How does one receive them? And how can you interpret them?

What are Psychic Signs and Symbols?

Psychic signs and symbols

Psychic signs and symbols are intuitive metaphors that could come in various shapes and forms. These signs and symbols speak about something in life. They require interpretation either by the individual himself or by the help of a psychic reader.

Also, psychic signs and symbols could just be designed by a person. You need to rely on information about a particular topic in order to generate a symbol. This has been seen in the generation of psychic company logos and product brands such as the Nike symbol.

The signs and symbols will always conceal the information. Some are meant to be understood by only a specific set of people. They might be used religiously, or could just be used normally.

Differences Between Psychic Signs and Symbols

A psychic sign will always point you towards a particular direction or it can be used to warn you from taking a particular course. On the other hand, a psychic symbol will speak about a particular situation or condition. These shapes and forms they take are interchangeable.

There are some signs and symbols that are used by psychic readers only. A good example is the Astrology symbols, the tarot, and the Akashi. These symbols are of high divination. They can be used to read a person’s life.

Other symbols are easy to discern and are based on everyday life. A good example, one could believe that a butterfly resting on their shoulder could be a sign of love coming.

Examples of Signs and Symbols

  • Synchrony Signs and Symbols: These symbols could appear as accidents but figuring out there meaning could appear therapeutic and informative psychic powers.
  • Number Symbols: It is well known what the number 666 represents. Also, other number symbols such as 7 are used to represent wholeness and 2 for paring. It is also very common for some persons to see a time 11:11 in a watch.
  • Animal Signs and Symbols: These ones are used to speak about particular characteristic traits. The ants symbolize hard work while the owl is a sign of bad omen as used by psychic readers.
  • Product Symbols: This range from coins, cards, feathers and any other you can think of. Some are used by psychics while other are generally known and discerned at personal level.
  • Dreams and Visions: These ones could enlighten someone about what is going to happen. They could be used to warn. Not so many people understand the meaning of dreams though.
  • Man Made Signs and Symbols: This ones could range from something as small as road signs, maps, company logos and tailored advertisements on billboards. They are meant to serve a particular purpose.

Where Do Psychic Symbols Come From and How to Receive Them

Psychic signs and symbols could come from anywhere around you. The symbols are all over. And there are theories about where they come from. Some say they come from supernatural/divine being i.e. angels or even the gods. They could also come from dreams and visions.

Some signs and symbols are just intuitive creations of the human mind. Some signs and symbols are historically inspired such as the pyramids of Giza.  Others are discerned from terrestrial bodies such as the stars, the moon, and the planets.

How one receives the signs and symbols is usually varied. It requires one to master the art. And have an experience with the signs and symbols. However, here is a number of ways one can receive the symbols.

By sheer meditations, to be able to connect the energies of the symbol.
By prayer, some pray to gods who give them the symbols.
Some people receive the symbols by an awakening of their minds. It just dawns on them.

How to Interpret Symbols and Signs at Psychic Level

Interpreting signs and symbols at psychic level requires a knowledge and intuition. A lot of meditation, calmness, and concentration are required too. Also one needs to be very keen and observant. Nothing should be ignored. The information is then processed and the symbol interpreted.

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